Polaroid Type 665 Film
Type T-665 - Pos./Neg. Black & White

Black and White Pack Film is a high-speed, medium-contrast, medium-grain, general-purpose black and white coaterless print film. It is designed for low-level ambient lighting conditions and high-speed events that require a fast film.

Special Treatment:

Print coating of the positive image is required to prevent it from fading or discoloring. If the negative is to be retained for printing, it should be treated within three minutes after the negative and print have been separated.
The negative must be cleared in sodium sulfite solution and washed before printing.
To re-use the negative, it must be immersed in a sodium sulfite clearing bath immediately after development. Sodium sulfite powder is readily available from professional photographic supply dealers and chemical supply houses.
Over or under development has no effect on the negative. Over-development produces increased contrast and density in the positive. Under-development results in lower contrast and dull images in the positive.


Film Speed - 80 ISO/ 20 DIN
Format - 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 in. (8.5 x 10.8 cm) Pack Film
Image Area - 2 7/8 x 3 3/4 in. (7.3 x 9.5 cm)
Finish - Glossy
Exposures per Unit - 10 frames per pack/2 packs per box
Development Time - 25 seconds at 75F

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