Lenses: Two matched 110mm portrait quality lenses. Lenses are in focus with a camera to subject distance of 36-48 inches.

Select Switch:
Set this switch to 1 to make two different pictures on each sheet of film. Set at 2 to make a pair of identical pictures of one subject.

Power requirements:
Cameras operate off of 108-130 volts AC. Cameras that operate on  208-240 volts AC are also available.

Aim Light System:
The cameras utilize a heads up aim light system. Press Aim and a light beam projects out the front of the camera. You tilt and/or pan the camera until the spot of light is on the chin of the subject. Your subject is properly framed at this time and all you do is press Shutter to take the picture.

Light - Dark Control:
You set this control to vary the brightness of the picture. This control has sixteen positions allowing you to utilize current and future instant films under a wide variety of conditions.

Pull Film Reset:
When you pull the film, the camera is automatically reset to take the next pictures.

The camera has a non volatile memory chip and will remember the number of pictures remaining on a sheet of film indefinitely.

Strobe Boost
: You press and release Boost to turn the strobe boost on for the next picture.

Tripod Mount:  Allows mounting  the camera to a desk stand or tripod.

The SX-2 carries a Two Year Warranty. The DX-2 carries a Three Year Warranty.

Camera Back:
The camera has a Polaroid CB-103 film back with the Pro Film Roller assembly.

Film Types:
For color photographs use Polaroid Type 669, Polaroid Polacolor Pro 100, Polaroid ID Ultraviolet, or Fuji FC-100. For black and white photographs use Polaroid PolaPan 100. Film packs can contain either 8 or 10 sheets of film.

Operating Instructions:
Instructions are on the back of the camera. A comprehensive manual with illustrations is also included.


NP-1 Non Power Desk Stand: This is a compact folding stand desk stand that provides a stable mount for your camera. This stand is show with the two lens camera.

PP-1 Power Desk Stand: This folding stand is similar to the NP-1 but includes two AC receptacles. This stand is show with the four lens camera.

TS-1 Power Timer Desk Stand: This stand includes all the features of the PP-1 plus the World's most advanced and easiest to use film development timer system. When the film is pulled from the camera, it is placed into any one of the available slots that hold the film. Next to each slot is an LED that will blink on and off while the film is developing. When the development time expires, the LED turns on solid and three beeps alert the operator that the film is properly developed. Development times can be set to any one of sixteen times by the use of a clearly marked and and easy to use control, to properly set the development time to all current and future films under all conditions. (Film development times are different for different temperatures.) The TS-1 will even alert you if you remove the film from a slot prior to full development and give the option of reinserting the film into the slot for the remaining development time. This stand is show with the six lens camera.

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